Company Background

Olympia Triumph Manufacturing

Olympia Triumph constantly strives to offer the finest possible service to a vast array of industries and applications. We represent some of the leading manufacturers in Europe, covering such diverse equipment as high performance ropes, full body harnesses, safety belts, fall arrest lines, abseiling devices, inertia reel blocks, ladder climbing systems, ascent and descent equipment, access equipment, tripods and lowering equipment, PPE, karabiners and snap hooks, overhead track systems, and a vast array of accessories and fittings.

Our Speciality

We, Olympia Triumph, design and manufacture a variety of specialised equipment, which compliments the above range. Some of these items include carbon fibre telescopic poles, and titanium grapple hooks, mounting brackets, pulleys, bespoke in-house designed parts and fittings. Suppliers to the Ministry of Defence and aerospace industries, international defence organisations and, NATO partners.

Tactical Military Equipment

Our range of carbon fibre and aluminium telescopic poles, titanium hooks, wire ladders, aluminium boarding ladders, carbon fibre ladders, electric acenders, pnematic launchers and accessories have a wide variety of uses in both urban and marine environments. In addition, we also supply a full range of tactical equipment from market leading manufactures. This relationship with world leading brands has enabled us to provide complete product solutions to many elite Special Forces and Counter Terrorism Police units from around the world.

Bespoke Requirements

Where our current range is not suitable for the task in hand, we can offer a bespoke in-house design and manufacture facility for a variety of scenarios, delivering specialist solutions with a fast turnaround. This service has allowed us to develop unparalleled relationships with Special Forces, Counter Terrorism Police units and other government agencies from around the world offering solutions to their requirements. If any our products are of interest but do not meet your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Product Demonstration

If you would like Olympia Triumph to visit your unit and demonstrate our range of products please do not hesitate to contact us. We find organised demonstration days the best way for end users to get familiar with the procedures and functionality of our product range which is not always possible at exhibitions/trade fairs. We are happy to travel all over the world to showcase our products, please get in touch if you have a requirement.

Training Packages

All units use slightly different techniques for gaining entry to a target, however these techniques all revolve around the same basic procedures to get the most performance and functionality from the equipment. We can deliver tailored training packages to suit your requirements, covering all levels of user. Please contact us to arrange a no obligation training consultation.