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Olympia Triumph offer an array of products and packages for different boarding or urban entry situations.

Our History

Originally, Olympia Triumph distributed a range of metal fittngs and rope rescue equipment to the oil and gas industries and rescue services based in the United Kingdom. Our range of equipment in 1978 included an aluminium telescopic reach pole which was used for attaching rescue equipment to an anchor point above a fallen casualty to allow for a rescue to be instigated.

On the 8th August 1983 Olympia Triumph made a presentation of our equipment range, to the Royal Marines based nearby. We were then approached by the unit to provide a solution to boarding passenger ferries and commercial vessels with a height up to 15m for maritime interdiction operations, VBSS. It took three years to design, manufacture and test a suitable system which would exceed the requirements and stand up to conditions faced during operational use. With the final prototypes completed, Olympia Triumph loaned the poles to RM Poole for real world evaluation. We were invited to the debrief to discuss the results of the evaluation. Speaking with the end users gave us insight into the conditions they were expected to operate in and which the equipment needed to perform without failure. During the design brief we had not totally envisaged the conditions expected and the effect this would have on the design. We quickly made the discussed design changes which would modify nearly every aspect of the pole including changing the specification of the raw materials used in the construction.

The mark 2 OT pole was then returned to RM Poole and trialled for a further 8 months. We then made a final mark 3 version which became the pole which was approved by the unit. During this time, we also started to develop titanium grapnel hooks and wire ladders which would allow us to supply a complete maritime interdiction range. This was the starting point for the Olympia Triumph maritime and urban tactical access range in 1987. We started the NATO codification process shortly after to give the Olympia Triumph products NATO Stock Numbers. The application was made with the Special Boat Service (SBS) as our sponsor. Since, we have continued to improve and refine our equipment by working closely with the units we supply in over 46 countries. We constantly strive to update our design and material selection as technology in manufacturing processes evolves.

Product Range

Our range of carbon fibre and aluminium telescopic poles, titanium hooks, wire ladders, aluminium boarding ladders, carbon fibre ladders and accessories have a wide variety of uses in both urban and marine environments. In addition, we also supply a full range of tactical equipment from market leading manufactures. This relationship with world leading brands has enabled us to provide complete product solutions to many elite Special Forces and Counter Terrorism Police units from around the world.

Bespoke Requirements

Where our current range is not suitable for the task in hand, we can offer a bespoke in house design and manufacture facility for a variety of scenarios, delivering specialist solutions with a fast turnaround. This service has allowed us to develop unparalleled relationships with Special Forces, Counter Terrorism Police units and other government agencies from around the world offering solutions to their requirements. If any our products are of interest but do not meet your requirements, please do not hesiate to contact us.

Product Demonstration

If you would like Olympia Triumph to visit your unit and demonstrate our range of products please do not hesitate to contact us. We find organised demonstration days the best way for end users to get familiar with the procedures and functionality of our product range which is not always possible at exhibitions / trade fairs. We are happy to travel all over the world to showcase our products, please get in touch if you have a requirement.

Training Packages

All units use slightly different techniques for gaining entry to a target, however these techniques all revolve around the same basic procedures to get the most performance and functionality from the equipment. We can deliver tailored training packages to suit your requirements, covering all levels of user. Please contact us to arrange a no obligation training consultation.

Product Warranty

As a manufacturing company we take pride in our products, the level of service we provide and the reputation of our company name throughout the world. We aim to deliver quality manufactured products and continue to support our customers after purchase with a 2 year guarantee. In the event of a product failure, defect in materials and or workmanship please return the product to our head office within two years of purchase for inspection. We will replace or repair as required. Our guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear or accidental damage.

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