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With a rich history and a reputation for producing high quality products, Kong SPA is an established brand in multiple industries.

Olympia Triumph became distributors for the Italian climbing company in 2014, connecting the brand with their customer base. Kong specialise in manufacturing products for numerous sectors, including the following:

  • Work
  • Sport
  • Rescue
  • Connectors
  • Adventure Parks
  • Tactical

Kong is at the centre of the evolution of safety when it comes to climbing thanks to founder Giuseppe Bonaiti. His story, and that of Kong, began around 1830 at the foot of the Alps in a workshop. Here is where he wrote pages for Made in Italy, developing his philosophy and prioritising the protection of human life.

Providing adequate safety for climbers was the driving force behind Bonaiti’s vision, leading him to export products all across the world. Now, his carabiners are considered a staple piece of safety equipment for any climbers.

In 1977, the Bonaiti company rebranded as Kong and continued to thrive in the industry, producing vigorously-tested safety products. Based in Monte Marenzo, Italy, experts in the company’s 10,000 square-metre factory conduct the entire production process. From design to packaging and testing, every piece of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is created in-house.

Every single one of Kong’s 70 employees are dedicated to ensuring that every piece provides maximum security. The on-site robots test all items and operators are in place to check the aesthetics and functionality of every single product before it is sold worldwide.

Olympia Triumph is proud to stock and supply Kong SPA products, designed and built for any situation.

Kong Work

Kong have a large range of high quality working at height products for professional industries. For info on the full range of products please download the latest “Work Catalogue” or visit www.kong.it/en

Kong Sport

Whether sport climbing, Via Ferrata, mountaineering or ice climbing is your discipline, the Kong Sport products have a range just for you!

For their full range download the latest “Sport catalogue” or visit www.kong.it/en

Kong Rescue

Kong are a highly respected brand in the rescue industry, known not only for their extensive range of products but also their innovative designs, particularly their K.A.R.S system. The Kong Anti Rotational System allows winching of people or stretchers during helicopter rescues, without the patient being spun round by the air flow generated by the rotors.

For more information on this and their full rescue range download the latest “Rescue Catalogue” or visit www.kong.it/en

Kong Connectors

Kong have been producing their own carabiners and connectors since 1830! As such they have been integral to several innovations in connector design. Did you know that Kong was the first company to introduce KeyLock gates into carabiners?

Whether you are looking for aluminium, carbon steel or a stainless steel connector, with a straight, screw or twist lock gate, Kong will have something for you.

What with each carabiner individually tested before it leaves the factory, you can be sure the product you are purchasing will reach all the stated standards, every time!

For their full range download the latest “Connectors catalogue” or visit www.kong.it/en

Kong Tactical

From the experience built up over two centuries in climbing and rescue industries, Kong have a complete military line for intervention in any place or situation. Produced with the highest standards of quality, combined with the most advanced methods of research, KONG products make your operations easier when speed and precision are essential as well as providing safety and reliability in hostile surroundings. Since 1830 KONG is producing quality equipment for your safety.

For their full range download the latest “Tactical catalogue” or visit www.kong.it/en

Kong Rope Courses

The adventure park range is aimed at managers and builders of adventure parks and is composed of two parts. The first relates to systems for continuous safety line used for the construction of rope courses.

The second is a targeted selection from Kong’s range of PPE (helmets, harnesses, connectors, pulleys…) specific for rope courses.

For their full range download the latest “Rope Courses catalogue” or visit www.kong.it/en

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