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Cutting Diameter



Magnet Hold

Section Length


Hook Opening

Tread Width


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Open Length



Closed Length



Minimum Break Load

OD Bottom Tube / Rope Diameter


Personal Protective Equipment

Olympia Triumph has been providing specialised rescue equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) since 1981. We supply high quality equipment for work at height professionals, rope access teams, fire and rescue services, arboriculture, theatres, event rigging plus an array of industrial companies and individuals.

Our sales team can:

  • Identify specific PPE requirements for access or specific work locations.
  • Provide suitable equipment for the task in hand.
  • Provide risk assessment and suggested techniques to complete the task.
  • Provide user training for work and rescue at height and difficult to access environments.
  • Provide service and inspection routine based around the client requirements.

The range of equipment we offer is substantial but our sales team can easily determine the correct equipment tailored to provide a safe access in the working environment. We can supply full packages to cover specific occupations or you can choose from our catalogues to suit your requirements.

Please use the sub categories listed below to open the relevant PDF product brochure or download the whole products catalogues and browse in your own time. If a product or brand isn’t represented below contact us for further detail.

The equipment areas we cover are:

  • Rescue Devices
  • Work Positioning Harnesses
  • Work positioning Lanyards
  • Ascenders
  • Anchor Slings & Strops
  • Carabiners
  • Helmets
  • Low Stretch & Dynamic Ropes
  • Auto Descenders Units
  • Fall Arrest Harnesses
  • Fall Restraint Lanyards
  • Descenders
  • Back-up Fall Arrest Devices
  • Hands-Free Lighting
  • Pulleys & Hardware
  • Tactical Equipment for Military Use

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