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Petzl is a leading manufacturer of climbing protection equipment for the sports and professional industries.

Olympia Triumph is a distributor for the brand that has helped revolutionise the industry with high-quality products. The company supplies equipment for climbers, mountaineers and many others that embark on similar sports. Individuals that work at height, as well as rescue professionals are among the brand’s client base.

The team of experts at Petzl work closely with their clients to ensure that they create a product that meets every specification. From technical advice and training to tools and equipment, Petzl covers every aspect. With regards to the company processes, they conduct the following:

  • Design
  • Testing
  • Production
  • Inspecting
  • Distribution

Petzl was born from the mind of caver Fernand Petzl in the 1930s. He embodied the thrill of exploration by designing and crafting products for ascending, descending and moving through nature in the dark. It was 40 years later when the first ‘Fernand Petzl’ branded products were manufactured, and in 1975 the Petzl company was formed.

It began in a workshop based in Saint-Nazaire-Les-Eymes, Isere, France, but it is now a worldwide brand that has subsidiaries in Spain, Germany, the US and beyond.

As well as manufacturing high quality products, Petzl Solutions trains others to use and manage Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The department works with retailers, rescue and special response teams, training centres and more.

Olympia Triumph is proud to stock high-performance Petzl climbing protection equipment – designed for sports and professional industries alike.

Petzl Professional Catalogue 2020

Petzl uses its years of experience to design and manufacture specialised products for the climbing industry, both sport and professional. These pieces of equipment allow individuals to reach those inaccessible places while staying safe. The 2020 calendar showcases a range of products, including harnesses, lanyards, descenders, ropes and more.

Petzl Catalogue Intervention 2020

The new PIRANA descender features in this catalogue, which also includes a range of high-performance equipment. Each product boasts enhanced safety features, and the stock includes crucial technical elements for climbers, abseilers, mountaineers and more.

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