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Camouflage Support Pole

Camouflage Support Pole

Camouflage Support Pole


The Telescopic Camouflage Support Pole combines either Olympia Triumph’s glass fibre or carbon fibre telescopic poles with a camouflage net spreader and a ground foot spike. This system enables the arrangement and support of camouflage netting to suit the user’s requirements.

The Telescopic Camouflage Support Pole can reach up to a maximum of 9m. The pole is available either as a single section or in a telescopic format of up to six sections. The poles are constructed from glass fibre as standard, but carbon fibre can be used if required. The pole length can be easily adjusted to the required height using the pole collar and locking lever. The pole locking lever indicates clearly when the collar is open and closed, and the collar is easy to tighten by hand. Once the collar has been locked closed it can take a maximum vertical load of 180kg (396.83lb).

The ground foot spike allows the pole system to grip on a variety of terrains, ranging from concrete to soil and soft sand. The step-on spring helps to hoist the pole and tighten the net. The flexibility of the camouflage spreader enables the camouflage net to be shaped suitably to blend in with the surrounding terrain without leaving sharp angles. A guy ring and tie down ropes are recommended as an optional extra if the pole system needs to be used in strong wind conditions.

The telescopic pole and support frame have been designed to be used in harsh conditions, so the system will tolerate sand and dust. The pole system can be maintained easily by cleaning with fresh water and leaving to air dry. The pole system is available in two colours as standard – NATO Green and Sand. Other colours are available on request.


0.5kg (1.1 lbs) + pole weight

70 mm x 24 mm (2.7 x 0.9 in)

NATO Green or Sand

Glass fibre, nylon, steel

Carbon Fibre Telescopic Poles

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