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Cutting Diameter



Magnet Hold

Section Length


Hook Opening

Tread Width


No. of Sections

Tread Height


Open Length



Closed Length



Minimum Break Load

OD Bottom Tube / Rope Diameter


CWL FiFi Hook

CWL FiFi Hook

CWL FiFi Hook

No. CWL-FiFi

In the past, operators have used traditional mountaineering FiFi hooks or carabiners to attach themselves quickly to a wire ladder when resting mid-climb. Due to the narrow profile of these items, this has led to excess force being placed on the rungs, causing rung failures.

Olympia Triumph’s FiFi Hook has a wide surface area in contact with the rung, spreading the operator’s body weight and limiting impact on the rung. Each FiFi Hook is individually serial numbered for traceability.

The FiFi Hook has two holes; the larger, bottom hole is for attaching the FiFi to a harness via a carabiner and quick draw, and the smaller, upper hole allows the user to add their own customised bungee retrieval line for quick location of the FiFi and easy placement on the rung. As the operator resumes climbing, the hook will automatically release from the ladder.

The FiFi Hook is compatible with both the Compact Wire Ladder and Fibrelight Ladder ranges.


79 x 46 x 46 mm (3.1 x 1.8 x 1.8 in)

6082 T6 aluminium

Matt black anodised

66 g (0.15 lbs)

1008 kg (2222 lbs)


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