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Fibrelight Ladder Accessories

Fibrelight Ladder Accessories

In order to make the most out of the Fibrelight ladder range we have produced a number of accessories that maximise the effectiveness of the Fibrelight ladder range. Portable storage solutions allow quick deployment of the ladder and the Stand Off Disks enable easy access of the rungs at the top of the ladder during the most vital point of the climb.

The ladders can be used without any of the accessories or a multiple of accessories just depending on the requirements of the operation.

FLS-LDB - Fibrelight Deployment Bag

The Fibrelight Ladder Deployment Bag provides a great solution for securing, organising and deploying the Fibrelight Single Ladder (attached to telescopic pole) when approaching a target.

The bag design allows for easy use underwater. The bag is constructed from TPU coated Cordura which doesn’t absorb water. The integrated mesh sides and bottom allow for easy drainage of water and less drag when used for dive operations. The large side release buckle secures the lid of the bag closed when in transit.

Two webbing loops at the bottom of the bag are supplied with XSRE mini 4kN carabiners, this allows the ladder terminations to be attached to the bag keeping the system together. The bag is attached to any Olympia Triumph telescopic pole via three Velcro straps. This easy attachment system, allows the bag to store and transport the ladder when not in use.

140 x 30 x 48 cm (55.1 x 11.8 x 18.9 in)

Matt black

0.74 kg (1.64 lbs)

FLL-SOD - Fibrelight Stand Off Discs

These Stand Off Discs keep ladder rungs accessible when used against a flat surface. The discs prevent operators from trapping their hands during climbing, enabling them to progress easily up to the top of the ladder, which is often the most critical part of the climb.

The discs are made from polyester webbing with a dense foam core, providing great impact protection and sound deadening. These Stand Off Discs can be fitted to any rung of any Fibrelight ladder, and can be sewn into the ladder when purchased or retrofitted using the Velcro closure.

230 x 66 x 75.0 mm (9.06 x 2.60 x 2.95 in)

Carbon fibre, polyester webbing

65 g (0.14 lbs) - Each

Fibrelight Ladders

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