Part Number

Cutting Diameter



Magnet Hold

Section Length


Hook Opening

Tread Width


No. of Sections

Tread Height


Open Length



Closed Length



Minimum Break Load

OD Bottom Tube / Rope Diameter


Flat Hooks

Flat Hooks

The Flat Hook range has been CNC-machined from a solid 16mm sheet of Grade 5 titanium, improving its strength-to-weight ratio. The hooks have been specifically designed to offer both hook and point loading. This design was a requirement from a number of units operating on structures without handrails or similar easy accessible structures.

The sharp point on the end of the hook has been specifically designed to dig into a number of materials commonly found both in urban and maritime environments. Where possible hooks should always be arch loaded as this gives the highest break loads. If the operators approach a target and arch loading the hook is not possible, point loading will provide a viable alternative. When point loading it is important to keep pressure on the hook and ladder at all times.

The P Hooks comes in a variety of sizes, making the range suitable for many purposes, from covert operations to boarding vessels with large kick plates (see below for size comparison)

A3-930 PXS Hook

Titanium grade 5

65 mm (2.56 in)

Arch: 4738 kg (1445 lbs) Point: 1707 kg (3763 lbs)

Bead blasted matt finish

0.46 kg (1.02 lbs)


A3-930 PS - PS Hook

Titanium grade 5

127 mm (5 in)

Arch: 4915 kg (10836 lbs) Point: 640 kg (1412 lbs)

Bead blasted matt finish

0.98 kg (2.16 lbs)


A3-930 PM - PM Hook

Titanium grade 5

178 mm (7 in)

Arch: 3684 kg (8122 lbs) Point: 530 kg (1168 lbs)

Bead blasted matt finish

1.11 kg (2.45lbs)


A3-930 PL - PL Hook

Titanium grade 5

241mm (9.5in)

Arch: 2851 kg (6285 lbs) Point: 390 kg (860 lbs)

Bead blasted matt finish

1.23kg (2.79lbs)


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