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Cutting Diameter



Magnet Hold

Section Length


Hook Opening

Tread Width


No. of Sections

Tread Height


Open Length



Closed Length



Minimum Break Load

OD Bottom Tube / Rope Diameter


CFP Magnetic Roller

CFP Magnetic Roller

CFP Magnetic Roller


The Magnetic Pole Roller enables a combat diver to raise and lower the pole, hook and ladder up the side of a metal vessel with ease. The head weight of the pole is stabilised using magnets held inside the central housing. The rubber wheels prevent the magnets from making contacting with the hull, which allows the user to freely raise and lower the pole in silence. The roller can be attached to the vessel underwater, and the user can then extend the pole sections underwater without revealing their presence. They will only need to break the surface to push the pole up the side of the vessel, delivering the grapnel hook and attachments to the target.

Once the hook has cleared the handrail, the pole is rotated 90° and lowered onto the target. The roller can be removed from the vessel in an emergency or to navigate an obstacle by using force or over-rotating the pole. The Magnetic Pole Roller system can be retrofitted easily to the Olympia Triumph range of carbon poles. The system is supplied with all required tools and instructions to install on a pole.


0.75 kg (1.65 lbs)

260 x 250 x 280 mm (10.2 x 9.8 x 11 in)

Matt black

MJF polyamide, carbon fibre, 316 stainless steel

Carbon Fibre Telescopic Poles

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