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Olympia Triumph’s range of titanium hooks includes a range of sizes for every application. Regardless of the target, all hooks are compatible with the entire telescopic pole range. This means that most suitable size combinations can be assembled quickly and easily.

All hooks have suitable anchor points for attaching to any Olympia Triumph compact ladder. They are designed to allow the ladder to be attached by either one, two or three points, meaning that there is a hook suitable for any ladder system. Hooks with two ladder attachement points help prevent the ladder from spinning during an operation, enabling operators to climb quicker.

The matt black heavy duty shrink sleeve has sound deadening properties. This finish is standard on all Olympia Triumph hooks except for the P Hook range.

Our range of titanium grapnel hooks come with both a pivot / quick release system as standard. These systems can be interchanged by inserting the R-clips in a different orientation.


Quick Release

The quick release system allows the quick release of the hook from the pole (once the target is initiated) by applying sufficient load onto the climbing ladder. This method is also ideal for underway operations as the hook is secured into the top of the pole using a spring clip, this avoids any risk of the hook bouncing out of the top of the pole due to high sea states. To set up the titanium hook for quick release, the R-clips should be inserted upwards from the bottom of the hook as the image shows. The spring clip attaches the hook securely into the pole. The R-clips are joined to ladder by lanyards. Once sufficient load is applied to the ladder, the R-clips automatically release allowing the hook to be released from the pole then the pole can be retracted.

Pivot Release

To set up the titanium hook for pivot only, the R-clips should be inserted downwards (with the lanyards removed) from the top of the hook as the image shows. The system allows a greater ease of pole release over the older standard fixed hooks, by incorporating a pivot. This set up is more suitable either when a more covert approach to the target is required or when working in a calmer environment e.g. low sea states.

Flat Hooks

Single Hook Attachment

Double Hook Attachment

Triple Hook Attachment

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