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Wind Up Telescopic Poles

Wind Up Telescopic Poles

Olympia Triumph introduced the original Wind Up Telescopic Pole back in 1983, establishing the tactical equipment range. Over the years, the performance and functionality of the Wind Up Telescopic Pole have been developed and improved while keeping weight to a minimum. The purpose of the product is to deploy a hook and ladder to allow maritime interdiction operations and Visit, Board, Search and Seizure (VBSS) and tactical urban entry at heights of upto 17.5m.

The pole is manually extended using the handwheel. All pole sections extend simultaneously to allow quick deployment time: 10m extension in 10 seconds and 15m extension in approximately 15 seconds. The pole is easy to maintain and, with practice, can be used to precisely deliver a hook and ladder system to a target in the worst of conditions.

The pole is now available as a five section pole as standard. This comprises of four aluminium sections and the top section is made from high modulus carbon fibre. The carbon fibre top section is more flexible and durable, which means it can withstand the bending and impact associated with hook delivery to the hand rail of a moving ship.

The pole will retract under gravity but requires winding to prevent freefall. Practice using this function can greatly improve speed and control to enable easy deployment and retraction.

Product features include:

  • Large grip handle incorporated into design for good user stability and control.
  • New top section design for quicker retraction.
  • New smaller lightweight collars made from polymer material.
  • Redesigned lightweight aluminium handwheel with stainless steel internal bearings.
  • Redesigned lightweight internal components.
  • New stainless steel bearings fixed to all tube section collars.

WTP.10-5CT – Wind Up Telescopic Poles 10m

Aluminium, carbon fibre

14.00 kg (30.86 lbs)

2.95 m (9.67ft)

10.00 m (32.81 ft)

70 mm (2.75 in)


WTP.15-5CT – Wind Up Telescopic Poles 15m

Aluminium, carbon fibre

19.50 kg (29.76 lbs)

3.85 m (12.63 ft)

15.00 m (49.21 ft)

70 mm (2.75 in)


WTP.17-5CT – Wind Up Telescopic Poles 17m

Aluminium, carbon fibre

21.50 kg (47.39 lbs)

4.45 m (14.59 ft)

17.50 m (57.41 ft)

70 mm (2.75 in)


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